Vision O

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Vision O

Large format consoles, towers of rack equipment and controllers for every parameter can be great fun – but sometimes, all you really need is your computer, a pair of headphones and a sturdy desk to rely on. Vision O makes a point of freeing your mind by freeing your space: the cleverly designed cable management hides all the necessary wires while still granting you easy access whenever required. Vision O is perfect for audio and video editing workstations, gaming, programming and in-the-box mixing. A large computer screen in the middle, flanked by speakers left and right (ideally isolated from the desk with Miza V-Stands), keyboard and mouse – neat and tidy, the Vision O is easy on the eye and inviting. The minimalist approach is popular among some of the most reputable creatives in the world and perfectly encapsulated by the elegant two-colour design that manages to be both eye-catching yet widely compatible with all sorts of interiors. The compact dimensions of Vision O qualify the desk as an extension for existing setups. It can even be expanded by itself: the cable management is open to the sides, allowing for the seamless combination of multiple Vision O desks side-by-side. And for musicians looking for their new favourite songwriting spot, the Vision O can be augmented by the Vision K to integrate a master keyboard into the desk.

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