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The SC3070 is a compact 3-way monitor with outstanding Mid-range reproduction and balanced, precise sound image for Recording, Home and Mastering Studio's. SC3070 is especially well-suited for applications where the complete skill set of a fully-fledged 3-way system is required, but where space is at a premium.

EVE Audio's own Air Motion Transformer (AMT) RS3 is combined with a specially designed 4" midrange driver to give the SC3070 accurate and un-hyped transmission of high and mid frequencies without being fatiguing the listener. A 7" woofer driver rounds out the SC3070 by providing precise and powerful low frequencies.

The bass and mid-range drivers are the same Silver Cone design found in current EVE Audio models that have proven their worth in top studios all over the world. These drivers work with a low-distortion copper-cap magnet system, which significantly reduces distortion. The fiberglass-coated membrane material is constructed in a stable honeycomb structure to guarantee true tonal reproduction.

As with all monitors from EVE Audio, the SC3070 features high-resolution DSP electronics. A high-quality analog / digital converter from BurrBrown (24bit/192kHz) converts the analog input signal supplied via RCA or XLR. The DSP ensures latency-free filtering and simultaneously protects the entire frequency range from overload. When switched on, the volume of the SC3070increases slowly to leave enough time to reduce the source volume if the input signal is too loud.

Adjustments to the acoustic environment can be made via the front rotary / pressure encoder with rotating LED ring. This knob allows the levelling of system volume as well as the adjustment of filters for room variables (low shelf, mid eq and high shelf filters). All settings are displayed on the LED ring, providing instant information about the selected values. The brightness of the LED ring can also be adjusted for dark studios or video applications.

Three high-quality Class D amplifiers complete the system and deliver enough power to the demands of modern music production. Selected volume and/or filter settings can be independently fixed with DIP-switches that are positioned on the rear of the amplifier to prevent unauthorised or unintentional adjustments. The rear-firing bass reflex channel is designed with low flow noise and reinforces the SC3070’s powerful and precise bass reproduction.



• Fully-fledged 3-way near/midfield monitor
• Proprietary RS3 AMT for pristine high-frequency reproduction
• 4-inch glass-fibre honeycomb woofer for clear mids with utmost detail
• 7-inch low frequency driver with glass-fibre coated honeycomb diaphragm for powerful bass response
• Cabinet with bevelled ultra-stiff front plate to reduce unwanted resonances and diffraction
• Dedicated 2 x 100 W Class D amplifier each for mid and low frequencies
• 1 x 50 W Class D amplifier for AMT
• DSP control and processing for perfect integration
• High-resolution 24bit/192kHz Burr-Brown A/D converter
• Dimmable LED ring
• Detachable grilles to protect A.M.T.
• Dimensions : 340 x 250 x 310 cm
• Weight : 10kg

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