Porto-V Set


Meet the Porto-V Speaker Stand.

The new Sessiondesk Speaker Stand Porto-V provides the most flexible and acoustically optimized solution for your speakers. The heavy construction of POLIPLEX and steel makes the stand stable and non-resonating for the clearest speaker signal. The extensive adjustment possibilities put your speakers always in perfect position.

Adjust the Height

The Porto-V's head is adjustable in height from 82 cm to 124 cm at intervals of 6cm. A 15mm finetuning is possible by adjusting the feet.

Adjust the Angle

The angle of the head can be adjusted from 0° to 3° and 5°, so your speakers will always be in the ideal position.

Turn the Head Plate

You can turn the head plate depending on your desired speaker position. Either upright or horizontal.

Taking the Heavy Stuff

One Porto-V Speaker Stand can take up to 35 kg, that is around 77 lbs. For more heavy speakers two Porto-V can be used for one.

Feet by SoundCare©

As a standard, every Porto-V is equipped with SuperSpikes from the Norwegian company Soundcare. They improve low-frequency control, transparency and overall distortion.

Stop the Resonance

A massive core provides the speaker stand with the necessary weight and stability. 25 kg (55 lbs.) of hand-welded steel are pressing the Porto-V to the ground and preventing it from resonating.


All cables for your speakers run through a duct in the back and an opening in the foot - keeping your working area clean. With two additional screws your audio and power cables are kept within the stand.


A durable, strong and beautiful material, exclusively provided by Sessiondesk. It consist of a strong MPX-board, covered with a matte, but highly resistant covering.


The head plate is covered with a specifically chosen anti-slip rubber, to keep your precious speaker in position, even when the head is tilted.


The shape of the Porto-V matches prefectly the Sessiondesk Modularsystem's outlines. So it is possible to put it as close as needed.

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