Arvon W

Finish: FG | (L01) Blanc


Arvon W Diffuser is a carefully calibrated diffuser, combining phase and geometric diffusion, that provides even scattering at 900 Hz and goes up to 6000 Hz, helping to create a uniform sound field through mid and high frequency diffusion, with minimal loss of energy. Made from solid wood from a sustainable source, and available in a wide range of natural wood or lacquered finishes. Arvon has a premium furniture grade quality that fits perfectly in any home cinema, listening, or media room.


Exquisite performance, quality and design.

100% Natural Wood

Recommended for
- Hi-Fi Listening Room
- Media Room
- Home Cinema

This product is available in the following Fire Rate:
FG | Furniture Grade


Arvon | Natural wood
- Natural wood
- Solid wood

Arvon | Lacquered wood
- Lacquered wood
- Solid wood


Arvon | 595x595x78mm

Integrated Fixing System


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